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2 years ago

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had after 2 ½ years of nagging my wife a little fun dogging accordance with another man, she was 26, with dark hair, slim, that night I spent a long time to shave her pussy and choosing an outfit for her is she wore a very professional looking type of team secretary, without putting in use and a pure white top underneath the jacket. went for a drink, you know, or Dutch Courage, then headed by Barr Beacon because we are the only individuals parked rubbing her pussy and bad words about how I was going to suck some of them passed, so I parked a little further and started playing with her ​​wet cunt, then when we were always some interest in a 40- something standing next to trees, parked in a child with blood brokers almost right next to us, so I went down the hill to the left, with the intent to return when they had gone further up hqtube or parking. Now the output is a very green, like an S -shaped path and is also very dark, like around the last corner, I saw somethingright at the exit on the left side in the bushes, my wife said, and saw himself as we drove slowly towards the exit, and my biggest was a transvestite disbeleif standing in a corset with garters, stockings, shoes high-heeled dress and a scarf of some kind, round face, he had his cock, which was absolutely rock hard, we sat spellbound for a moment and then the lights by another car on the corner and ran up the stairs, I turned quickly towards the exit, turn left and my wife told me, told me, not me, and to my surprise, he said, "go" to see the size of his penis hqtube "again so we can see," was at this point I realized she was still rubbing, however, as violent as before, so I turned around, but this time went through a door i halfway down, I was not sure if would emerge from the bushes, but after a while, very slowly approached, put me in the inner light and came to the passenger side to keep big penisesthe window. My wife was looked and rubbed it " Now that's a big cock," she said, with the leg and then I whispered to him to wank it "okay", rubs, he said, the windows open at to draw. was at this time I saw him in all his glory, I do not notice before, that was full of bullets and shaved it all! My wife grabbed him and began to masturbate very slow at this point I had rammed two fingers directly to my wife, who clearly rejected by the whole experience into 20 seconds of the liquidation of the window that was in his mouth, I remember thinking "wow is really happening: " I wanted to see another dick suck so bad, and now it was happening, I got pulled my dick and began to see, as it gave full attention to his cock, and then, as the way wine blood with a car down the Barr Beacon hill! hqtube He went to the front of the car and went to pass the car squats. my wife, who was almost histerical with pleasure at this timand is hqtube supported by four legs on my lap and said, "They enjoy the show," as she took my cock in her mouth, then I realized, our friend from the front of theca with his erection up and walk at the door, saw my wife and let my cock, opened the door, got out, went to his knees then sucked him while looking directly at me, look at these sexy tv as a hqtube political breakthrough penis in her mouth was incredible and I had to stop touching or had cumm. hqtube now what happened hqtube took me by surprise because I had never considered, he held his penis stuck in the car on his knees resting on the back of the car seat and pulled his cock from her pussy, got into the knee on the chair hqtube behind her and her pussy open naked penis fall began, it was wet was in a very short time, and she complained loudly, it was an impressive sight as it was very good clean from the tip of the balls. now I can mAnage is literally 30 seconds faster and pushing close to cumming, but this man could go very, very strong takes about 2 ½ min
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